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Students who have enrolled in one or more colleges prior to applying to Northern Oklahoma College must complete and submit an Application for Admission and request that the registrar at each college send an official transcript of all work attempted to the Northern Registrar’s Office. An Oklahoma State System student who wishes to transfer to Northern Oklahoma College must have a grade-point average high enough to meet Northern Oklahoma College’s retention standards to be admitted as a regular student. An undergraduate student wishing to transfer from an out-of-state college or university must (1) meet Northern Oklahoma College’s admission requirements and (2) have made an average grade of C in the institution from which the student is transferring.


Students who do not meet the minimum retention standards for Northern Oklahoma College, but who have not been formally suspended from the institution previously attended, may be admitted as transfer probation students. Students are admitted on probation and must maintain a retention/graduation 2.00 GPA each semester while on probation or raise their retention/graduation GPA to a level as designated in the Academic Regulations section. Any “transfer probation” student with curricular deficiencies must remove the deficiencies within the first 12 hours of enrollment and is eligible for admission only if admitted and enrolled before the first day of class.


Students who are suspended from other public system institutions may be admitted to Northern Oklahoma College if they follow the Academic Suspension Appeals procedures and agree to participate in appropriate remediation activities. In addition, they must be approved for admission by filing an appeal and having the suspension rescinded by the chief admissions officer, his or her designee, and/or the Academic and Financial Aids Appeals Committee. All students admitted through this procedure are on immediate probation and are eligible for admission only if admitted and enrolled prior to the first day of class.


Students who are academically suspended by Northern Oklahoma College will not be allowed to re-enroll at the institution unless suspension is rescinded by the chief admissions officer, his or her designee, and/or the Academic and Financial Aids Appeals Committee. Details for academic suspension appeals are found in the Academic Regulations section of this catalog. Students may become eligible for readmission only if admitted and enrolled prior to the first day of class. Suspended students who are readmitted must also agree to participate in appropriate remediation sessions in the student’s areas of weakness. These areas may be but are not limited to study in reading, written communication skills and mathematics. Should a reinstated or readmitted student be suspended for a second time, the student cannot return to Northern Oklahoma College until he/she has attended another institution and raised his/her retention GPA to the established retention standards.


When a student is admitted to NOC, his or her transcripts are evaluated for transfer credit. NOC recognizes transfer credit from U.S. regionally-accredited associations. Students must provide official transcripts from every school they have attended. Failure to acknowledge and submit transcripts from all schools attending may be considered academic fraud and might result in a student’s expulsion from the institution.

A student’s academic advisor, in consultation with the division chair, will determine how and if transfer credits can count toward degree requirements and which hours do count. For in-state institutions contributing to the state transfer matrix, course equivalency is determined by that matrix. Courses taken at a non-accredited school, or one whose accreditation is not recognized, will require submission of course descriptions and syllabi for possible credit. These documents might also be required for other in-state transfer decisions when a course is not listed on the state transfer matrix nor on internal transfer guides for partner institutions.


Northern Oklahoma College’s policies for evaluating, awarding, and accepting technical credit for transfer are consistent with the College’s mission and with the State’s focus on aligning coursework to ensure a quality education through common learning outcomes reviewed by faculty experts in the discipline.

Northern Oklahoma College (NOC) may only accept transfer of technical credits from an Oklahoma technology center towards technical major degree requirements in a college technical certificate, an associate in applied science degree, or a technology baccalaureate degree in which NOC faculty have documented expertise.

Transfer of technical credits from a technology center that is part of the Oklahoma Technology Center System will be evaluated using the Statewide Technical Course Articulation Matrix from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE). Academic credit earned for technical courses appearing on an official transcript from an Oklahoma technology center and listed on the Statewide Technical Course Articulation Matrix will be processed by NOC’s Office of Admissions. The Office of Admissions will follow The Undergraduate Transfer and Articulation policy from the OSRHE.

Transfer of technical credits based on a different unit of credit than the one used at NOC is subject to conversion before being transferred. Only official transcript and technical course evaluations based on the OSRHE Statewide Technical Course Articulation Matrix and processed by the NOC’s Office of Admissions are official. Any preliminary reviews by campus personnel are unofficial and not binding, and subject to change.

Technical credits may be subject to minimum grade requirements as determined by the accreditation, licensure, or other programmatic requirements of NOC. Grades do not transfer in and are not calculated in the NOC’s grade point average (GPA). A neutral grade of “P” will be recorded. Credits earned will be added to the student’s overall credit hours earned.