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Early 6-week Courses begin May 11 and 4-week Courses begin June 8; Late 6-week Courses begin June 22 and 4-week Courses begin July 6

All Online – Virtual Classes – Virtual Tutoring – Affordable Prices!

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Summer Courses

NOC will offer courses in two formats for Summer 2020 with options to match your learning style while also continuing to follow CDC guidelines for a safe learning environment. NOC students have access to 24-7 online tutoring services for all general education courses in addition to the help instructors provide.

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1. Students can take classes that are 100% online. These courses are designated with “WWW” in the course location line of the course schedule.  Students access course material through Blackboard and have flexibility in when during the day they can log in to work around job and other responsibilities.  Instructors and students communicate with each other through online tools in Blackboard, such as the discussion board, and they submit assignments either via email or by posting to Blackboard or another course-approved site such as or WebAssign.

  • For Online Classes: Students need regular access to a computer and a strong WIFI connection. 

2. Students can take classes that are synchronous Zoom. These courses are designated with “Zoom” in the course location line of the course schedule.  Students access their courses through a Zoom link and can take the courses from their homes or another site with computer access, but they must link in during the set class time. Instructors will teach courses “live” on Zoom so there is an established time throughout the week for talking to your instructor and to other students.  Work may be submitted through Blackboard or through other tools as designated by your instructor.

  • For Zoom Classes: Students need regular access to a computer with both a camera and mic and a strong WIFI connection. 
  • Why might a student choose Online vs. Zoom?
  • Summer Zoom Classes

    Online classes offer a flexible learning environment for students who may not be able to log in to a course during regularly scheduled meetings. They require more reading and writing than traditional classes as all instruction is presented online and class participation is often recorded through student postings on discussion boards or other assignments. 

    Zoom classes offer a more affordable option for coursework than online classes and allow students to have virtual face-to-face regular class meetings with the instructor and other students to help them stay engaged and on schedule. Students lose some flexibility in scheduling with fixed class times each week over the online option, but students can participate in live class discussions and still save time in travel to and from campus.

    If you have additional questions about which format might be right for you, please contact your advisor or the course instructor.