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Student Expectations Requirements

  • Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better
  • Monthly academic advisement
  • Attend all monthly tutoring (if required), ACT workshops, and Saturday Sessions.
  • Display behavior and attitudes that are respectful, appropriate, and bring credit to oneself, their parents, their school, and the UB program.

    Keeping Informed

    • It is the responsibility of each student and parent to be informed about Upward Bound activities and policies.

    • Students are expected to read the current student handbook thoroughly to understand program policies and procedures.

    • Students are also responsible for reading any announcements that may be posted or given out and paying careful attention to any oral announcements.

    • Students¬† must promptly inform the Upward Bound office of any change of address, email, or telephone number so that communication is not disrupted. Failure to receive pertinent e-mail or phone messages will not be accepted as a valid excuse for missing an activity or failing to comply with program requirements