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Academic support classes are aimed at assisting students in developing the skills they need to be successful in college. All freshmen students take Orientation, where they learn about campus resources, study skills, time management, degree planning, and other important skills.

Critical Thinking is an elective course for students who want to improve their abilities to analyze different viewpoints and to solve problems, developing a skill set that will be useful in their coursework and in future jobs. World of Work is an elective course designed to assist students in identifying a degree major and career choice that fits their interests and special skills.

Academic Success Strategies is directed to students who may need additional support to ensure college success.

Orientation Instructors

Gina Conneywerdy, 
Sandra Jensen, 
Laura Marshall, 
Rana McCoy, 
Suzy Stergas, 

Academic Success Instructors

Paula Lewis, 

Critical Thinking Instructors

Valeria Hughes,

World of Work Instructors

Desiree Ingram, or
Kathleen Swain,