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Presidents of Northern Oklahoma College

James Herbert Kelley, 1902-1909
John R. Alley, 1909-1911
Lynn Glover, 1911-1916
Dr. William Cullen (W.C.) French, 1916-1917
Richard M. Caldwell, 1919-1928
Dr. Roscoe R. Robinson, 1928-1939
Dr. Loren N. Brown, 1939-1951
Dr. George B. Huckaby, 1951-1952
Dr. Verlin Robert Easterling, 1953-1965
Dr. Edwin E. Vineyard, 1965-1990
Dr. Joe M. Kinzer, Jr., 1990-2008
Dr. Roger Stacy, 2008-2010
Dr. Cheryl Evans, 2011-Present

* * *

Honorable James Wilkin, Founding Father of U.P.S.
George W. Finley, Acting President, 1905-1906
Howard R. Harold, Acting President, 1952-1953, Aug. 1965
Tom Poole, Interim President, 2010-2011