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(Includes T-Shirt, camp photo, supplies and lunch upon request):
Registration Fee – $25.00
(Due by June 24th)

Camp Fee – $125.00
(Due by July 8th)

Total: $150.00

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 $25 Registration Fee
 by June 24th 2019 to:  

Arts Adventure
 c/o Kerri Gray
 P.O. Box 310
 Tonkawa, OK 74653-0310

Arts Adventure 2019
 Summer Camp
 JULY 22nd – 26th

Arts Adventure invites you to attend a week long summer camp on the Northern Oklahoma College Tonkawa campus where you will gain talents and skills in visual arts, computer graphics, music, photography, dance, theater and writing. The camp is open to students entering grades six through twelve and to those who have graduated high school this spring.


CARTOONING! Explore methods of creating your own cartoon characters. You will learn to understand simple concepts from what makes a hero or a villain to what is funny or serious. At the end of the class you will have your own cast of characters for you to imagine your own story.

CULINARY DESIGN! Do you have a sweet tooth? Learn to create fun and fancy cupcakes, cakes, cookies and other culinary works of art. You will make decorator’s icing to create artistic details using different decorator tips and explore the other food design ideas. Your work will be featured (and eaten) at the Friday Showcase reception.

DRUM MAKING: THE BEAT GOES ON! This class will be making a Ngoma-style drum like those used by people of Zimbabwe and Uganda for traditional dances and celebration. Sturdy cardboard tubes and colorful pack cloth will be the basis for the instruments created during the week, and drums will be painted with patterns inspired from African textiles.

FEARLESS PORTRAIT DRAWING! Learn to draw faces confidently, with expressions, mood and personality. It’s easier than you think!

JEWELRY MAKING! Here’s your chance to create original beads, bracelets, pendants and pins, along with a jewelry bar to display them all. You will have fun making your wearable art with materials such as glass, clay, leather, hemp and wire.

LEATHER MASK MAKING! Participate in a magical masks experience. Learn to make creative, hand designed and painted leather masks including animal-based designs and wearable half-masks. Become a leather craftsman and stitch beads and feathers into your unique creations.

OIL PAINTING! By combining oil paint, charcoal drawing and a secret solution, you will explore natural form in creating still-life and landscape paintings. Working in transparent layers, this painting process allows you to produce vibrant colors and striking painted surfaces.

TEXTILES! We will make art to hang on the wall, stuff for a pillow and even to wear. We will use both traditional and fun new techniques to dye, paint, print and otherwise make art on and with cloth. Learn creative ways to customize fabric and even design your own.

TOTEM SCULPTURE! Totems tell stories. Build a found object totem sculpture and tell your own story in a two-to-three foot vertical sculpture. You will work with materials such as clay, leather, paper, plastic, wire, yarn, string, glue and your own special found objects. Get ready for totem-time at camp!

WATERCOLOR PAINTING GOUACHE! Express yourself with color while learning many methods of painting with pigment and water. Experimental processes will add to the fun when water does the work! Organic form will lead experiences in creating visual awareness.

WILD AND WOOLLY! In this class you will learn a variety of techniques for this popular fiber art. Colored wool fleece is sculpted using a special barbed needle or even just soap and water. Campers will make animal and character sculptures, a wool “painting” and more.


VIDEO PRODUCTION/COMPUTER GRAPHICS 101! This day-long class will combine the Arts Adventures two loves of Video Production and Computer Graphics. In the morning session you will build a visual storyline for a story created by the group. You will learn how to operate a video camera and editing software.

In the afternoon, you will create your own version of computer graphics to go with the morning’s visual story. The group will create titles and credits for the video and will also utilize green screen techniques in finishing your group project. Make an awesome video with a group and have it shown on the big screen at the Friday Showcase.


AUDITION LIKE A PRO! Auditioning for a part can be scary, but this class will give you the tricks and tips to nail that audition. One day will focus on a musical audition as well–how to prepare a one-minute song.

BACKSTAGE PASS: THEATER TECHNOLOGY 101! In this class, you’ll learn exactly how theater technicians put together amazing shows using intelligent moving lights, sound reinforcement, sets and props to bring audiences into the action on stage. We’ll also dive into some theater etiquette, superstitions and history…but mostly we’ll be playing with really expensive toys!

CELTIC DANCE! The Celtic Dance class is an introduction to Scottish Highland and Irish step dance. Students will start with the Scottish Sword Dance and the Irish Jig. The class provides a basic understanding of soft shoe movements, technique and steps used in both Celtic dance forms. No prior dance experience is required. Soft-soled leather shoes such as jazz shoes are recommended.

STAGE MAKE-UP! Hands-on experience with beginning theatrical make-up techniques. Each day will focus on a different aspect: basic application techniques and tools, old age, clown, monster, face appliances (noses, scars, crepe hair, etc.) Latex allergy alert: face appliances and make-up adhesives all contain latex.


CHOIR SHOWCASE! Come sing with us and prepare for a showcase performance with different styles of music: show choir, vocal jazz and traditional choral music! Performance techniques, choreography, scat singing and listening to professional artists will also be included in the week. Fun for everyone!

WORLD MUSIC, DANCE DRAMA! Learn international folk dances and play musical instruments from around the world. Perform African and Indonesian-style music to accompany a shadow puppet play that we create together. This class has numerous opportunities for dancing, drumming, composing, acting and more!


DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: LEVEL ONE! Level one class will concentrate on composition and basic knowledge of your camera. We will be exploring what makes a great photo. Experience fun and creative ways to capture your life and the world around you with your camera. Your favorite photos will be displayed at the end of the week. A digital camera is required.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: LEVEL TWO! This class is level two for those that want to explore lighting and operating your camera in manual mode! Experience fun and creative ways to capture your life and the world around you with your camera. Your favorite photos will be displayed at the end of the week. A digital camera is required.


CREATIVE WRITING: ACROSS TIME AND SPACE! Students! Complete three writing exercises—with your input. Tap creativity beyond the “right here.” Come and be surprised! Spiral notebooks are provided.